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Academic Plan Draft Worksheet

Academic plan drafts are a great tool to plan ahead for future semesters or to "try on" different majors - lay out the requirements and discover all that is possible in your undergraduate career! If you have questions or need help with this please reach out to

Course Withdrawal (Drop) Form

To withdraw from a course click on the link above to obtain electronic signatures through DocuSign. Please check the Academic Calendar for drop and withdrawal deadlines. 

Apprentice Teaching Contract 

  1. This form is initiated by the professor who has agreed to contract you as an Apprentice Teacher for an upcoming semester. 
  2. The professor or professor's department should submit this signed contract to the Undergraduate Associate Dean's (UAD) Office via email ( for review.
  3. When approved, the student will be direct-enrolled in the appropriate AT course and number of credits by the Undergraduate Office.  
  4. Rules governing Apprentice Teaching may be found in the online catalog

College Change Petition

  1. Please send form to the office of your current Undergraduate Associate Dean (UAD) for review and approval. 
  2. Once reviewed and approved, the office of your current UAD will forward your college change petition to the office of your new UAD for further approval and processing, which sometimes requires a meeting to discuss degree requirements.
    • For the College of Arts & Sciences associate dean please submit forms to

Degree Program Exception Approval Form

  1. Consult with your academic advisor first, and if a form is needed please fill this out with your request, include your rationale and signature, and submit to your advisor for review. 
  2. Once advisor reviews and signs or electronically provides approval, this form should be sent to the Chair or Director of the degree program for which the exception is being requested.
  3. The office of the degree program submits to the office of the Undergraduate Associate Dean of the college offering the degree program, who reviews and if approved, submits to Registration and Academic Services for processing.
    • For the College of Arts & Sciences associate dean please submit forms to

Dual Degree Petition

  1. If you would like to request a dual degree (a BS degree combined with either another BS or a BA), in the College of Arts & Sciences please make an appointment with the Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Advising, Beth Pelton, by reaching out to

Leave of Absence Request Form

  1. Please review and fill out the form, which will require permission from your advisor and the Undergraduate Associate Dean. 
  2. Questions may be directed to the Dean of Students Office at or (610) 758-4159. 

Major Declaration Form - for College of Arts & Sciences students

  1. Please fill out the form for your desired major and it will automatically be routed to the appropriate office for processing. 
  2. You will receive an automatic notification when your major is declared which will also contain the identity of your new major advisor. 

Overload Request Form - for College of Arts & Sciences students

  1. To request permission to take more credits than allotted please fill out this Overload Request form which will obtain electronic signatures through DocuSign. 
  2. Please be sure to read the guidelines provided on the second page of the form. 

Pass/Fail Grading Request Form

  1. Please fill out and send to your advisor for approval (email approval will suffice), and then submit to Registration & Academic Services. 

Readmission Form 

  1. Students who take a Leave of Absence must remember to fill out this online form through the Dean of Students Office to reactivate their profiles and generate a registration PIN for the semester they intend to return. 

Reserve Courses for Graduate Degree Form

  1. Please fill out this form and send to your advisor for approval.
  2. Reach out to the Graduate Office to schedule a meeting to discuss. 

Standing of Students (SOS) Petition Form 

  1. Fill out the SOS Petition and email, with all documents attached, to your professor (if applicable), advisor, and finally to for the CAS; 
  2. Our office will review, coordinate the review and signature of the Associate Dean, and submit your petition on your behalf for SOS Committee review. 

Transfer Credit Approval Form

  1. Submit this form to the department from which you are seeking transfer credit and provide as much information about the course you wish to transfer as possible (for most mathematics and science courses syllabi will be required). 
  2. The department will review and if approved, will submit to Registration & Academic Services.
  3. Enroll in the course and don't forget to have a copy of your final transcripts submitted to Lehigh's Registration & Academic Services Office upon completion. 

Work Limit Overload Petition 

  1. Fill out the form and submit to the Dean of Students Office with endorsements from your supervisors. 
  2. Please reach out to with any questions.