Dissertation Signature Sheet

Dissertation Signature Sheet

Please complete and send this form when all changes the committee requires to the dissertation have been made.

This form is powered by DocuSign.  Please carefully read and follow the instructions at the top of the form.  Once complete, the form will be routed to each of your Committee members in the order you have entered them on the form.  DONOT USE an Email Alias for signers authentication will fail.  We strongly suggest that your main Director/Chair be the first signer.

The form will ask for the Graduate Manager Name and email address Please enter the following

Manager:  Mandy Fraley

Email Address:  inasgrfm@lehigh.edu

After you have addressed all of the changes that your committee has required, you may then start the signature process.  As each committee member signs and submits you will be notified.  If the form stops at any part of the signature process for more than 48 hours, contact the faculty member who is next, to ensure they received the email and can sign the form.

When all committee members have signed you will receive a completed email and a copy will be sent to me.

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