Honors Opportunities

In the College of Arts and Sciences, you will not find any 'honors majors' or 'honors degree programs' because all of our programs are available to all of our students. You will, however, find a cross-disciplinary co-curricular honors program (the Roy Eckardt College Scholars Program, graduation honors, President's Scholars program, and departmental honors programs).

Eckardt Scholars Program

The Eckardt College Scholars Program is intended for students who show outstanding academic promise or unusual creativity and whose interests transcend traditional programs. The Program is co-curricular, which means that it does not lead to a degree, rather it accompanies the regular degree programs in the College. More information can be found here.

Graduation Honors

Lehigh offers graduation honors based on the attainment of a minimum GPA in a minimum of 90 credits earned at Lehigh. Complete details of the program can be found under Graduation Honors in the Lehigh University Catalog.

Department honors

Most degree programs offer an honors option that usually entails a minimum GPA and a senior honors thesis or project.