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Undergraduate Research

The College of Arts and Sciences is the center for undergraduate research at Lehigh University. Through a distinctive mixture of exploration and rigorous scholarship under the guidance of faculty, undergraduate students apply what they have learned in in the classroom and take part in the formation of knowledge.

Hands-on learning through research pushes undergraduates toward deeper understanding and discovery, preparing them for careers across disciplines and professions. Whether in the arts, humanities, mathematics, natural sciences or social sciences, students in the College are encouraged to push the boundaries of their comfort zones outside the classroom, test suppositions, and create new ideas. Undergraduate research promotes learning — for individual students, the College and the Lehigh community.

Monica Powers

Monica Powers ’20 reveals new evidence on first European hominins

There  is intensive and ongoing research to more precisely determine the...

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Chemistry major helps develop new possible strategies for fighting infectionby Violet BaronThe coolest thing about bacteria, according to Julia...
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