Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences Academic Advising Center!

The best way to contact our office at this time as we transition to online, is through email to inadvise@lehigh.edu

If you have questions do not hesitate to reach out!


*New Advising FAQs specific to this time of online and remote learning can be foud here: https://cas.lehigh.edu/content/advising-faq*


The mission of the College of Arts and Sciences Academic Advising Center is to contribute to student success by empowering students to engage in thoughtful educational planning. We can help students make informed decisions to reach their academic goals.

In the College of Arts and Sciences, academic advisors are faculty members. Faculty teach the courses and design the curricula, so who better to guide students in course selection and curriculum navigation? We now have 30 faculty members who serve as Mentor Advisors for our incoming first year students!

What we do

Working with the faculty mentor advisors and peer mentors, the CAS Academic Advising Center provides advice and support for all first year and undeclared students. Once you have declared a major, you will be assigned a major adviser a faculty member in the major program. Students can declare a major whenever they are ready, but we recommend declaring before the junior year for optimal registration advice in major programs. Many students declare majors sometime during their second semester on campus.

In addition, the CAS Advising Center can:

  • Provide support, programming, and resources for undecided students
  • Assist you in navigating CAS and university policies and procedures
  • Make referrals to faculty & campus resources
  • Introduce you to special programs that will enrich your college experience
  • Help direct you to campus resources and opportunities
  • Troubleshoot registration problems

How to find us:

The Academic Advising Center is located in 490 Maginnes Hall
Office hours: 8:15am - 4:45pm or by appointment
phone: 610-758-3301
email: inadvise@lehigh.edu