Graduate Transfer Approval Form

Transfer of credit from other institutions is the responsibility of the registrar. Graduate students planning to take work at other institutions in the United States or elsewhere should initially check with the registrar on policies and procedures. Current graduate students may not be concurrently enrolled at any other institution without prior permission from the Standing of Graduate Students (SOGS) Committee. Transfer of final course marks from other institutions is not possible; only the approved credits transfer.

  • Pass/Fail courses are not acceptable for transfer.
  • Credits may not be transferred toward a Lehigh doctoral degree.
  • Courses must be taken with graduate student status; courses taken under a limited/non degree seeking, continuing education, or simply post-baccalaureate status are not eligible.
  • Courses must be designated at the graduate level and not have been used toward any prior degree. Advanced undergraduate courses are not eligible for graduate degree credit.
  • Only courses for which the student received a final mark of “B” or higher will transfer. Courses for which the student received a final mark of “B-“or below will not transfer.
  • Students may receive credit at Lehigh equivalent to that which was granted as indicated on the transcript of the other college/university,  but only up to the number of credits for the equivalent course at Lehigh. Courses taken on the quarter system have credit granted on a 3-to-2 ratio, producing a whole number for the transfer credits (For example, 10 quarter credits of approved coursework become 6 credits at Lehigh, not 6.67).
  • The Registrar determines the number of credit hours awarded upon receipt of the official transcript.
  1. Complete one Graduate Course Credit Transfer Petition form for each course that you wish to transfer into your master’s degree program.
  2. Complete all parts of the form and secure the necessary signatures. (Please note: Departmental recommendations are used to inform the Registrar’s decision, but the Registrar is the final authority for the university.)
  3. Submit the completed petition form to the Office of the Registrar, along with all attachments.
  4. Once a course has been completed, you must request that an OFFICIAL transcript be sent to: Office of the Registrar, Lehigh University, 27 Memorial Drive West, Bethlehem, PA  18015


Please fill out this form electronically. To do this, save a copy of the PDF below and open the saved copy.

After your form is filled out, please print and gather the appropriate signatures on the new hard copy.

Please note: Credits transferred into a Master's degree program will not count towards the minimum 72 (post baccalaureate) or 48 (post Masters) Ph.D. credit hour requirement.