2021 Travel Support Information

Contact Information

Joe Bates, CAS Administrative Specialist, jeb918@lehigh.edu                                                                         

General Information

* As of August 2, 2021, faculty and staff will no longer be required to obtain dean, vice president or provost approval for university-related domestic or international travel. All employees should continue to follow the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and recommendations related to travel. 

* New requirement for international university travel: All university international airline travel must be booked using the Concur system and with the preferred university provider in order to maintain a university travel registry.  Read more about it here.

The College of Arts & Sciences is pleased to support faculty research by providing travel funds to enable faculty and graduate students to present papers, posters, serve as discussant, or chair a panel at regional, national, or international conferences.  In general, funding is provided when the faculty member or graduate student is presenting a paper or poster.  Support is not given to attend a meeting or underwrite research-related travel. 
  • Open to Assistant, Associate, Full Professors, POPs
  • Must be presenting or have an invited role at conference  
  • For faculty, up to $1,300.00 over the fiscal year (July 1 - June 30), which can be applied to more than one trip, if funds are available. 
  • For graduate students, up to $300.00 over the fiscal year (July 1 - June 30), which can be applied to more than one trip, if funds are available. 
  • Funds are issued on a first come, first serve basis
  • Must submit request well in advance (30 days) 

Because the college’s travel budget is limited, support must be secured at least one month prior to attending the conference/seminar.  We do not support or fund any travel requests after the trip has been taken.  

Travel Grant Submission Guidelines

To request funds for travel, please complete the following:

  • Travel Prediction Form for each trip - contact your department coordinator, who will send you the most recent form in Docusign.
  • In Docusign, attach copies of pertinent travel information (e.g. confirmation of paper acceptance, invitation to chair a panel, seminar schedule for presentation, etc.)
  • List funding sources on Travel Prediction Form (i.e. research grant, departmental account, startup/discretionary funds).  The department chair/program director should indicate the amount they are prepared to contribute.
  • Scan or send the completed application to Joe Bates. 

We recommend that you submit your Travel Prediction Form(s) as soon as you know your travel plans.  Once your application has been reviewed, you’ll receive notification by email.   If your plans change, please notify this office as soon as possible, so that we may assist other faculty members with requests for funds.

Reimbursement Procedures

All reimbursable expenses should be initially charged to your discretionary index (or other index as determined with your department), including out-of-pocket reimbursement.  Upon completion of your trip, submit a copy of your paid expenses, and if applicable, OneCard statement, and a spreadsheet detailing expenses to be considered to Joe Bates, CAS Dean’s Office.  Please indicate the index number that was originally charged for your expenses. The funds will be transferred this index.   Reimbursements should be settled within 90 days of returning from your trip; otherwise, your funds will be cancelled and awarded to award to other waiting applicants.  

Reimbursable Expenses

  • Air travel - Submit original airline passenger receipt or boarding pass indicating destination, class of travel and proof of payment.
  • Registration fees - Attach a copy of your conference registration form along with a conference program, agenda and proof of payment. 
  • Transportation - Personal auto - reimbursement provided using published federal rate (see Controller's Office website for current rate); auto rental, bus, taxi, parking, tolls, etc. - submit original auto rental agreement and associated gasoline receipts.
  • Hotel* - Daily charges for room and related taxes - submit itemized hotel bill indicating payment.
  • Meals* - Meal expense must be listed separately for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Expenses related to alcoholic beverages or business entertainment are not reimbursable through this grant.  According to the Lehigh University Travel and Business Expense Policy, all receipts of $75 or more must be itemized. 
  • Other - Necessary telephone calls; fax charges; expenses associated with baggage handling, storage and tips; laundry and dry cleaning expenses when traveling for periods greater than five days.

* Per diem rates established by U.S. General Services Administration or Department of State for domestic travel or international travel is also permissible.

Non-reimbursable expenses

Alcoholic beverages while traveling; auto rental insurance charges; fines for traffic or parking violations; first class or business class airfare; hotel amenities such as exercise facilities and movies; luxury limousine service; optional conference events (e.g., tours, golf, outings, etc.); personal expenses while traveling on University business; theft, loss or damage of personal property. For more information about reimbursable/non-reimbursable expenses, please review the Lehigh University Travel and Business Expense Policy here. 

Are there other travel funds available at Lehigh?

The Provost’s Office also awards travel funds through the Eugene Mercy, Jr. President/Provost Fund for Faculty Development as well as the Lehigh Global Initiatives Endowment Fund.  This is open to Assistant and Associate Professors, and Professors of Practice.  Every 12 months, an eligible faculty member can apply for one travel grant (one trip), either domestic or international, but not one of each.  For domestic travel, the Provost’s travel grant will cover up to 50% the cost.  For international travel, the Provost’s travel grant will cover up to 67% the cost.   

To be considered for a Provost travel award, please submit your Travel Prediction Form through the Dean’s Office.  If appropriate, we will put forward a request with the Dean’s endorsement.  Please click here to review the Provost’s Office Travel Policy.  

If the Provost offers funding, each faculty member can still request college funds if they plan to attend more than one conference in the fiscal year. Again, this is available on a first come, first serve basis.

For further questions, please contact Joe Bates, Administrative Specialist at jeb918@lehigh.edu or 8-2438.