Full-time Certification

Please read carefully:  A student must be registered for 9 credits to be considered full-time. Students registered for fewer than 9 credits (i.e. students in Maintenance of Candidacy or completing degree requirements) must complete and submit a Full-time Certification form to stay in full-time status. Completed forms with departmental and Graduate Programs Office signatures should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office at the time of registration.  Registration and Full-time Certification forms must be completed within the first 5 work days of registration for the semester to avoid issues with payroll, visa status, and student lending agencies! If you are not registered by the time form is received, approval will be denied and you will need to complete the form again once registered.

At bottom of the form, you will be asked for the coordinator of your department, please enter the staff member's name and Lehigh email address. The Coordinator will verify that you are registered for the correct number of credits.

For Associate Dean/Graduate Manager Name and email address or signature, forms MUST be sent to:

Manager:  Mandy Fraley    Email Address:  inasgrfm@lehigh.edu

*Please note:  Full-time certification cannot be retroactive.  If you do not complete this form at the time of registration you are in danger of losing full-time status.

This form is powered by DocuSign. Once completed, the form will be routed to each signer entered on the form. DO NOT USE an Email Alias (i.e Smith@lehigh.edu) use only regular (ie mts20@lehigh.edu) otherwise signers authentication will fail. Please verify sure your main Director/Chair  email address before completing the Full Time Certification.

Once the form has been signed by everyone you will receive a compled copy for your file.

Full Time Certification Form Link