Degree Program Exception Approval

The Degree Program Exception Approval is an online form used to propose an acceptance of electives into a degree program, a substitition of degree requirements, or a waiver of degree requirements. In every scenario, rationale must be provided and approval from the academic advisor, department chair or program director, and the undergraduate associate dean of the college offering the degree program is required. To begin this process, please: 

  1. Consult with your academic advisor first, and if a form is needed please fill it out with your request, include your rationale and electronic signature, and submit to your advisor for review. 
  2. Once advisor reviews and electronically provides approval, this form will move to the Chair or Director of the degree program for which the exception is being requested.
  3. The office of the degree program submits the degree program exception form to the office of the Undergraduate Associate Dean of the college offering the degree program, who reviews and if approved, submits to Registration and Academic Services for processing.

For College of Arts & Sciences undergraduate associate dean review and approval, please submit forms to


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