Application for Degree

To Apply for your Graduate Degree:

  • Log on to the Lehigh Portal using your Lehigh Username and Password
  • Click on the Banner Tab on upper right
  • Click on Student Services in Menu (Last item on Menu)
  • Click on Student Academic Record  (Second item on Menu)
  • Click on Graduation Application (Last item on Menu)
  • Select Term to Register
  • Then Follow Instructions to complete Form
Candidates for Master's and Doctor of Philosophy degrees must submit the Application for Degree by the following deadlines:
May Graduation     Sept. Graduation     Jan. Graduation
   February 1                    July 1                   October 1
(In any given year if one of these dates falls on a Sunday, the due date then becomes the following Monday.)
Please note there is no penalty if you apply and do not graduate.  If you do not meet the deadlines, you will need to fill out a new application in the semester you do graduate. 
***Degree applications filed after the deadline are subjected to late fee of $50.00***