Piercen Oliver - Sequencing Genomes by Pulling DNA Molecules

Sequencing a genome of every individual is of great importance to biomedicine and holds promise for making personalized medicine a reality. Due to the enormous task of sequencing a three billion base human genome in a short time scale and for a reasonable cost, the traditional method of Sanger sequencing has been abandoned in favor of next-generation technologies. These sequencing technologies are being pursued in hopes of attaining a human genome for under $1000.
Piercen Oliver is a Ph.D. graduate student in the Chemistry department, focusing on the developmUniversity in 2006. He is an Associate Member of Sigma Xi and a member of the Emulsion Polymers Institute (EPI). His general interests are in the development of new technologies for biological applications--specifically those which  involve nanoscale control of surface properties and forces. Piercen's leisure pursuits include electronics, cycling and playing the piano.ent of an analytical technique for whole-genome sequencing. Piercen earned his Bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Oglethorpe