Film Studies

FILM 001: Introduction to Film
4 credits - CRN 44171
Introduction to historical, technical, aesthetic, and cultural elements of film. We will consider issues of filmic production and film history and devote specific attention to different filmic techniques and critical approaches to mise-en- scène, cinematography, editing, and film sound. Students should develop a critical vocabulary for talking about film and various critical tools/strategies for analyzing film. Our primary goal is to enhance our enjoyment of film by learning to think about the filmic industry and its aesthetic productions more critically.
Attribute/Distribution: HU
FILM (PHIL) 120: Philosophy and Film
4 credits - CRN 44175
This seminar course will explore a variety of themes, genres, and movements within cinema from a philosophical perspective. Regular screenings of films from silent era to present. Content may vary depending upon instructor.
Attribute/Distribution: HU