Asian Studies

ASIA (THTR) 055: Indian Classical Dance
2 credits - CRN 43150
Introduction to the history and practice of Bharatanatyam, a classical dance style of India. Understanding basic footwork, hand gestures, and body movements, and how they are combined to convey emotion, meaning, and imagery. Traditional repertoire, music, terminology, and the spectator's experience of the dance. Course fee of $270.
Attribute/Distribution: HU
ASIA (IR) 061: East Asian International Relations
4 credits - CRN 44080
Introduction to East Asian international relations, with emphasis on post-1945 period: historical background of Asian international system; Cold War conflicts; China's rise and regional responses; Japan's changing international role; the two Koreas; ASEAN and Asian regionalism; U.S. and Russian policies; current and future issues.
Attribute/Distribution: SS
ASIA (HIST, MLL) 075: Chinese Civilization
4 credits - CRN 42907
The development of traditional Chinese thought, beliefs, technology, and institutions from a historical perspective.
Attribute/Distribution: SS