Travel Prediction Form

Funding for Conference Travel

Open to College of Arts & Sciences Graduate Students (ONLY).

The CAS Graduate Travel Grant is a small cost share grant (up to $300) to support graduate students presenting a paper or poster at Conferences. The grant supports registration, travel and lodging (the grant does not cover meals).

Students need to complete the travel prediction form (link below), consult with their advisor and obtain department approval for share of cost.  Submit completed form requesting grant to:  College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s Office, Room 223 Maginnes Hall.

Students are encouraged to look for additional funding for conference travel at the Graduate Student Life Office in Packer House (217 Packer Avenue) before bringing the form to the Dean’s Office.

After travel has finished students need to complete the reimbursement form and bring with appropriate receipts to all departments/offices contributing towards the conference for account numbers and signatures.  Reimbursement forms can be found in department offices of at the Dean’s Office room 223 Maginnes Hall.

Please fill out this form electronically. To do this, save a copy of the PDF below and open the saved copy.

After your form is filled out, please print and gather the appropriate signatures on the new hard copy.