International Relations

IR 002: Current Issues in World Affairs
3 Credits – CRN 42744

This is a survey course designed primarily for non-IR majors or minors. The purpose is to acquaint students with some of the concepts and historical facts behind current global issues. The content of this course will, in part, be dictated by international events as they unfold.
Attribute/Distribution: BUG, SS

IR 010: Introduction to World Politics
4 Credits – CRN 40118

Introduction to the major principles, concepts, and theories of international relations, along with a historical background focusing on the 19th and 20th centuries. Topics to be covered include the nature of power, balance of power theories, national interest, decision-making in foreign policy, theories of war and expansion, patterns of Cooperation, and international political economy.
Attribute/Distribution: BUG, GS, SS

IR (ASIA) 061: East Asia
4 Credits – CRN 44073

Introduction to East Asian international relations, with emphasis on post-1945 period: historical background of Asian international system; Cold War conflicts; China's rise and regional responses; Japan's changing international role; the two Koreas; ASEAN and Asian regionalism; U.S. and Russian policies; current and future issues.
Attribute/Distribution: BUG, SS

IR 097: The US National Security System
4 Credit – CRN 44061

This is a course about the national security infrastructure of the U.S. What are the different institutional structures, from the National Security Council, the State and Defense Department, the CIA and other intelligence agencies? The course will focus on the way they interact with each other and will also analyze selected case studies. Prerequisite IR 010
Attribute/Distribution: SS