Registration PINS

For Students


*Registration PINs are NOT needed for incoming first year students when registering for the fall semester. For all subsequent semesters PINs will be required! 

Students are assigned a new, randomly generated Registration PIN each semester by the Registrar's Office. Students cannot register for classes without their PIN. Students receive their PIN by scheduling an in-person meeting with their academic advisor. In anticipation for this meeting, students should run themselves a degree audit and prepare a list of possible course selections for the following term. Following a detailed discussion of course selections, the advisor will provide the student with their Registration PIN. Keep in mind that your registration PIN is good through the 5th day of classes so you can use it for drop/add during the first week. The registration PINs are different for each term. Make sure you use the right one!

For Advisors: Finding advisee registration PINs
  1. Log into
  2. Select the BANNER icon
  3. Select FACULTY & ADVISORS link
  4. Select ADVISOR MENU (at bottom)
  5. Select ADVISEE LISTING (at bottom)
  6. SUBMIT SEMESTER (what semester student is registering for)
  7. CAREFUL! Up to three semesters’ PINs are listed. Select the correct semester!