Registration Mechanics

*For a step-by-step Registration video and other important registration FAQs, please visit this page on the Registar's website

How to Drop or Add Courses Now That You Are at Lehigh

Now that you are here at Lehigh, registration mechanics are within your easy grasp.  Follow these steps to adjust your registration online. Remember, while the Drop/Add period lasts a full 10 class days, online registration closes at the end of the 5th day of classes.  To add or drop a class during days 6 through 10, one must use a drop/add form and secure professors’ and advisor’s signatures/permissions.  All adding will end at the end of the 10th day of classes.  Drop deadlines last well into the semester.  Please review the Academic Calendar on the Registrar Office's website for specific dates and important drop deadlines. 

Drop/Add - First Five Days of Class

  1. COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR ADVISOR. You both will review your intended drop or add and discuss overall impact.  
  2. GET ALTERNATE PIN* from your advisor.  

*Alternate PINs, also called Registration PINs, give you access to the registration link in your Student Portal. PINs change each semester, requiring advising meetings prior to every registration period. 

You now see a menu with 9 items, but two are most important:  ADD/DROP CLASSES and LOOK-UP CLASSES TO ADD.  Both of these items lead you toward registration.  In Drop/Add Classes you can enter CRNs (course registration numbers) in the boxes at the bottom, or you can select courses you are enrolled in and pull down a menu to “web drop.” (Be careful not to drop without simultaneously adding a replacement.  You may be locked out of what you seek in a matter of moments!)
Both the Add/Drop and Look-Up Classes items can take you to the CLASS SEARCH tool.  There, you will highlight the SUBJECT, and then scroll down to the bottom of the screen and hit CLASS SEARCH.  This will take you to a long list of courses in that subject.  The little box on the left allows you to select the course, unless it is replaced by a C which means the section is CLOSED.  

DROP/ADD - NEXT Five Class Days (days 6-10)

  1. COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR ADVISOR. You both will review your intended drop or add and discuss overall impact.  
  2. ALTERNATE PIN no longer works, so…
  3. GET DROP/ADD FORM from multiple sources (registrar, advisor, department, college, online).
  4. FILL OUT FORM AND GET SIGNATURES (professors’ and advisor’s) in time to meet deadlines.  Courses dropped in the first 10 class days DO NOT appear on your transcript.  Courses dropped later (and within the generous deadline) appear on the transcript with a W (no hour or grade impact).