Graduate Council

Dean's Graduate Student Advisory Council

GRC Representatives

The Dean's Graduate Student Advisory Council was formed in the Fall of 2007 as a way to communicate more directly with College of Arts & Sciences graduate student body.  Representatives are encouraged to bring student issues or concerns to the meetings and to share the information given with fellow students.

The following is a list of students representing the College of Arts & Sciences Graduate Programs for 2019-20. 
DEPT. Name Email Address   Alternate Name Email Address
BIOS Michael Mfarej   Jessica Sidisky
CHM Caleb Wehermann   Eden Sikorski
EES Matthew Nikitczuk   Heidi Cunnick
ENGL Gillian Andrews   Sarita Mizin
EP Nicole McCallum      
HIST Sean Anderson   Cal Parks
MATH Peter Conley   Hyaiqian You
PHY Erin Blanvelt   John Griffin
POLS Marilyn Perez-Mendoza   Ben Winn
PSYC Alex Sackett   Caitlin Undley
SOC Gabriele Gomez   Jon Nehme
Please feel free to contact the student representative for your department with any graduate issues or concerns that should be addressed by the College.