First-Year Arts-Engineering


Curriculum and Course Selection Information

As noted in your Arts-Engineering welcome letter, the typical first-year Arts-Engineering program is identical to the program for students in the College of Engineering and Applied Science except for the College Seminar.

*You also received an Arts-Engineering course registration guide in the mail. Please click here for a copy!

There are two typical Arts-Engineering patterns:

Fall Semester (credits)Spring Semester (credits)
ENGL 001: Critical Reading & Composition (3)ENGL 002: Research & Argument (3)
MATH 021: Calculus I (4)MATH 022: Calculus II (4)
PHY 011: Intro. Physics I (4)CHM 030: Intro. to Chemical Principles (4)
PHY 012: Intro. Physics Lab I (1)ENGR 010: Applied Engineering Computer Models (2)
First-Year Seminar (3 to 4)ENGR Intro Course or Elective (3 to 4)
ENR 005: Intro to Engineering Practice (2) 
Total 17 to 18 creditsTotal 16 to 17 credits


ENGL 001: Critical Reading & Composition (3)ENGL 002: Research & Argument (3)
MATH 021: Calculus I (4)MATH 022: Calculus II (4)
CHM 030: Intro. to Chemical Principles (4)PHY 011: Intro. Physics I (4)
ENGR 005: Intro to Engineering Practice (2)PHY 012: Intro. Physics Lab I (1)
First-Year Seminar (3 to 4)ENGR 010: Applied Engineering Computer Methods (2)
 Elective (3 to 4)
Total 16 to 17 creditsTotal 15 to 16 credits


First-Year Seminar

You must complete one First-Year Seminar during the first semester as part of the Arts and Sciences degree requirements. Consult the First-Year Seminar listing for descriptions and short biographies of the seminar instructors. 


All Lehigh undergraduates take six credits of first year English: ENGL 001 and ENGL 002 (or ENGL 011 if credit is received for 001). Exceptions are described in the section AP, SAT, ACT, and Transfer Credit, which can also be found in our online catalog.


In the Fall semester, all Arts-Engineering students take MATH 021: Calculus I, unless they receive advanced placement credit. Please see Mathematics Requirements and Calculus Placement for more information. Some students may begin with MATH 075: Calculus I, Part A for 2 credits, and move onto MATH 076: Calculus I, Part B, in the spring semester for an additional 2 credits, thereby receiving credit for Calculus I in two parts. 

Chemistry and Physics

First year Arts-Engineering students ordinarily enroll in PHY 011/012: Introductory Physics I or CHM 030: Introduction to Chemical Principles. AP credit may place a student out of one or both. You may also attempt to place out of one or both by taking an anticipatory examination during the orientation period at the start of the semester. Please consult the AP, SAT, ACT, and Transfer Credit section for information.

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