Almost every aspect of human existence has been touched in some way by the dynamic of globalization. It is the story of our time -- perhaps the story of time itself.

The Global Society Change Initaitve (GSCI)  was established out of Lehigh University’s strong commitment to interdisciplinary research and teaching on global affairs. In teaching, we offer a truly innovative Global Studies major and minor. Students take courses from professors in more than a half-dozen departments.

Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary, Global Studies provide insights into society, culture, religion, communication, technology, and people.It prepares students for numerous career paths in global culture industries, international service agencies, global businesses, international communication, human justice organizations, and almost any institution working across borders in these globalized times.

In research, we take a cultural and historical approach to the study of globalization. We seek to understand how globalization shapes, but is also shaped by social forces.

Please feel free to search this website and find more information about the GSCI and what we offer. And please feel free to contact me.

Jack Lule
Director, Global Studies
Chairperson of the Department of Journalism and Communication, Professor of Journalism

Dr Lule is the author of Daily News, Eternal Stories: The Mythological Role of Journalism (Guilford Press). Called “a landmark book in the sociology of news,” the book argues that ancient myths can be found daily in the pages of the news. The book won the Lewis Mumford Award for Outstanding Scholarship. His second book, Globalization and Media: Global Village of Babel, was published by the Globalization series of Rowman & Littlefield.

He is also the author of more than 40 scholarly articles and book chapters; a frequent contributor to numerous newspapers and periodicals, and has served as a commentator about the news on National Public Radio and other media outlets. He is a member of the editorial board of Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly and Critical Studies in Media Communication.

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