Fast Facts

Majors Offered :
  • Anthropology (B.A)
  • Sociology/Social Psychology (B.A.)
  • Sociology & Anthropology (B.A.)

Sociology & Anthropology

The disciplines of sociology, social psychology and anthropology are concerned with the study of human beings in relationships with others. At Lehigh, you will examine a broad range of human social activities, from the comparative examination of widely divergent cultures, to the inner life of individuals which influences social behavior, to an examination of the most pressing social issues of our time, such as race relations, economic development and AIDS. Departmental courses provide students with analytical skills necessary to understand and conduct social research, as well as a deeper understanding of social and cultural influences that shape our lives and our worlds.

The three programs of study are parallel in structure and requirements. The sociology & anthropology major is an interdisciplinary program for students desiring a wider familiarity with social science fields, whereas the anthropology and sociology/social psychology majors are for students desiring more traditional, disciplinary programs of study.

By the time you graduate, you will be prepared to rely on the analytical skills and knowledge base you have acquired for employment in business, government, law and education. The largest numbers of alumni have entered the managerial ranks in the private and public sectors and have successful careers in marketing, public service, human resources and business administration. Many have continued in graduate school in social sciences, or in professional training in areas such as counseling, law and the ministry.

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