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Nitzan Lebovic

Assistant Professor,
Helen and Allen Apter Chair of Holocaust Studies and
Ethical Values (2010-2017)

Joint appointment with the Berman Center for Jewish Studies

Department of History
323 Maginnes Hall


Lehigh Affiliations


I received my BA in History and Theory of Literature from Tel Aviv University and my PhD from UCLA. My Dissertation, titled "The Politicization of German Life – Philosophy," focused on the circle around the Lebensphilosopher and anti-Semitic thinker Ludwig Klages. After completing the Ph.D I won several post-doctoral fellowships and awards, among them the Leo Baeck Fellowship of the German Studienstiftung, the Dan David Award at Tel- Aviv University, The Yad Hanadiv (Rothschild Foundation) Fellowship and the Minerva-Rosenzweig Fellowship at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Before moving to Lehigh University I conducted a research about political education at the Israel Institute for Democracy, a research about the Prague Circle at Sussex University in the UK, a research about "The concept of Nihilism and the limits of political critique" at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute and an independent research dedicated to the recent legislation of Biometric databases in Israel. All four projects concluded with different forms of publication.

Currently, I am working on two key projects; the first is dedicated to Hugo Bergman-- a close friend of Franz Kafka, a key figure in the early "Cultural Zionism" movement, one of the leaders of the first peace organization in Palestine during the 1920s, and the first rector of the Hebrew University during the 1930s- 1940s. The second project is developing the concept of the Biopolitical Film, examining different political films that unite a post- Holocaust view of the world with a post- liberal critique.

I am particularly proud in having already a small number of students and colleagues I was able to help in their academic journey, in Israel, Germany, and the United States.